A very interesting in-depth study of the French Bulldog is available at                                                    bandogfrenchies.com/judgingfrenchbulldogs.pdf

This is for those who are interested in the proper build of a show frenchie....perfection!

We use the medium size crate for all of our adults.  It is 19 x 30 and sells for about $50.  Both Midwest and Precision make good crates.  Cheaper ones are made with light weight metal and bend too easily.  Crates can be a lifesaver for times when your dog cannot be supervised.  BUT PLEASE be responsible and use them correctly.  Never put a dog in one as punishment nor for extended periods of time.

And when it comes to training of ANY kind, look to Leerburg.com.  The wealth of knowledge is unsurpassed!

WARNING!  PUPPIES CHEW!  Puppies don't care what it is or where it is......if it is sitting still, it will be chewed!  Rawhide and even most natural bones are not safe.  I have a selection of Nylabones for my pups and adults.  They last a long time and my dogs love them.  If you understand why they chew, it is easier to deal with.  When puppies are teething, it can range from uncomfortable to downright painful.  Chewing helps to relieve that.  In nature, chewing also helps to clean the teeth.  And as a bonus, chewing helps to relieve boredom and stress. Nylabones range from $5 to $15 and can save your expensive shoes, boots, cabinets, furniture.  Well worth it to have them everywhere!

HOUSETRAINING ADVICE: https://pets.webmd.com/dogs/guide/house-training-your-puppy#1

FRISCO crate beds are available on Chewy.com for $10 and up.  There are different sizes for different crates.  The 19 x 30 fits the above crate perfectly and provides plenty of padding for a puppy. Here is the best part....they are small enough and lightweight enough to be thrown into the washer.  I set my washer on the sanitize setting for dog blankets, then line dry them.  Save fluffy beds for later, if ever!  Otherwise you will be perpetually  cleaning up foam stuffing after the puppy chews it.  Most puppies can eat right through Kong beds, which are quite sturdy.  Save yourself the headache and don't buy anything fluffy.

( You can thank me later.)

Most importantly, your pup needs your love and patience.  They have only been alive a matter of a few weeks and need to be properly trained.  Frenchies are very sensitive dogs and their greatest desire is to be your beloved companion.

I follow this vet as much as possible.  Great educational materials on the health of canines. Dr. Karen Mercola is well-respected in her field.

You can sign up for emails from WholeDogJournal, and subscribe to their magazine.

Puppy buyers always ask for recommendations, and this is what I suggest, based on several decades of experience.  Hopefully, it will help you along your journey with your new puppy.  I shop at Chewy.com.  They have the very best prices, often run specials, and have free home delivery on most orders.  I do not work for any of these companies, nor make any money for recommending them.  Just sharing what has worked for me over the years.

Websites and resources I turn to over and over again are......

Everything you ever wanted to know about puppy rearing or dogs is atLeerburg.com.   I have read and learned so much on his site, and to me, he is the "DOG-GOD!"  Too many outside opinions can be confusing and waste time and money.  Go straight to the expert!


Working with newborn pups, I am always aware of germs they may come in contact with, so I use chlorhexidine solution.  It kills nearly every germ that puppies might come in contact with, while being completely safe for pups.  Most vets use it to disinfect their offices.  Has no strong odor and is not harmful to any surfaces.  One small bottle will last a long time since it comes concentrated.  I buy mine throughRevival Animal Health.  A gallon from them only costs $12 and is more than you can ever use for a puppy.  Thankfully, it can be used to disinfect anything and everything.  Revival Animal prices are awesome!

The Carlson Pet Gate is less than $40 at Chewy.com‚Äč.  The gate is adjustable to fit regular to wide doorways and has a small door at the bottom for a cat or smaller dog to pass thru while keeping the other contained.  French Bulldogs are stubborn and can be difficult to housebreak.  Never give them free roam of the house for at least the first 6 months.  A gate across a kitchen or bathroom will make your life much easier.

Two biggest hurdles in raising a new pup....chewing and potty training!                      Always use associated learning for the best success!

Both of these are available through Chewy.com and Amazon.  These are what your puppy will be trained to go on when you get him or her.  We do not train them to go outside until they have had two puppy shots, as most germs are spread through the soil.

The Midwest puppy playpen is AWESOME!  It is on StateLineTack.com for $145 and is well worth the money.  The top opens so you can reach in for your puppy, and there is a door on the front to let your puppy out.  The elevated floor keeps the puppy from walking in its own "mess" and is easy to clean.  These come in three sizes:  24 x 36, 36 x 36 and 48 x 48, allowing your pup space to move around and play.

My personal favorite is 4health Puppy.  According to the above site, Dogfoodadvisor.com, it is a 5-star food.  There are less expensive foods and certainly more expensive foods.  But higher price does not mean higher quality.  My dogs love it, have healthy coats, and no food allergies.  A 35 pound bag  from Tractor Supply is about $35.