‚ÄčI love this series of photos even though it is not photographically perfect, because it embodies what frenchies are all about.....pure love and joy!  It also shows how our dogs are treated all the time, and that is something I hope you will see from our other photos as well.  You will get a great feel for how our dogs live.   And of course, again, this is my wonderful daughter, Angelica.




Goldie and Saga are our red girls and they come to us from Master Breeder Gold-Sierra!

Delaney 2 months

Photos of our newest pup Bred by world reknown European Judge Ferenc Groschl !

Christopher & Delaney us grow!  2018

Baby EeVee with mom and dad.  100% Health tested, conformationally correct and the most beautiful, kind soul in a dog.

Delaney's Dad

Delaney 6 months

Honorable Judge

Dr. Ferenc  Groschl, 



If EeVee is missing, just look in a warm basket of laundry!

Christopher and Delaney are from Little Pixie Face Kennel.  Christopher is on the boys page.