All of our breeding French Bulldogs have Full AKC Registration and all of the puppies from their litters are eligible for Full AKC Registration.  We will provide the Buyer with all of the proper paperwork at the time of the sale in order to obtain registration, but it is up to the Buyer to submit the paperwork to the AKC and pay the appropriate fees.  If a puppy is being sold as a pet with limited AKC Registration, Buyer is agreeing to have the pup spayed or neutered by 6 months of age, after which is verified, AKC papers will be forwarded to the buyer.

For our guarantee to be valid, the Buyer must have the new pup or adult Frenchie vet-checked within five (5) business days of transfer to Buyer and must then send the results of the check-up to Seller via mail or e-mail.  This is important to confirm the overall health of the animal at the time of delivery and to insure a relationship with a qualified Veterinarian.  All of the puppies/dogs that we sell have been checked by our Veterinarian and are believed to be free of life threatening or severely debilitating defects or illnesses.  However, the puppy/dog noted above will have a two (2) year guarantee from the date of sale against any disorder found to be genetic that causes its death or severe debilitation.  A Veterinarian’s opinion, at the Buyer’s expense, must confirm the illness or defect.  We will not be responsible for any Veterinarian expenses while the pup/dog is in the possession of the Buyer.  The pup/dog must be returned to Seller, at the Buyer’s expense, at which time our Veterinarian will also inspect the pup/dog to determine that there is indeed a life threatening or severely debilitating health issue.

 In the case of the pup/dog dying during the two (2) year period the Buyer will pay for a necropsy (autopsy) to ascertain the reason for the death.  Upon determination of a genetic disorder or a severe illness diagnosed at the time of delivery, at our discretion the pup/dog will be replaced with a pup of the same sex and quality as the previous, as soon as a litter becomes available.  The Buyer is responsible for all shipment costs related to the replacement pup.

 We are proactive in the health care of all of our dogs and puppies.  Each has received up-to-date immunizations and deworming treatments. However, puppies are considered high risk for coccidia and giardia and other intestinal bacteria and parasites and treatment is no guarantee that none of these issues will appear.  They are often brought on by the stress of shipping, a new home and environment, a diet change, new people and playmates, a change in climate, etc.  These health issues are not generally serious (even when some blood and/or mucus show up in the stool) and are easily treatable, and this guarantee does not cover the cost of treatment for any of those conditions.  

This contract does not cover injuries, illnesses or debilitating disorders that result from accidents, neglect or improper care, including injuries sustained from a jump or a fall from an excessive height.  The Buyer agrees to provide quality food, adequate shelter (the French Bulldog is primarily an inside dog and does not tolerate excessive heat or cold), regular Vet checks and age appropriate vaccinations and dewormings (including heart worm medication) and other medication as determined by a qualified Veterinarian.  Failure to provide proper care for your puppy/dog will void this warranty.  It should be noted that French Bulldogs generally do not swim and do not tolerate exertion and stress as well as many other breeds.  Keep this puppy away from swimming pools.

Once a dog/puppy has been received by the Buyer, there are no refunds, either full or partial, other than in a case of a genetic defect or severe illness diagnosed at the time of delivery as explained above.  Any venue litigation will be held in the state of Pennsylvania and the County of Schuylkill.   Execution of this document by Seller acts, as payment in full and Seller hereby grants, sells, conveys and transfers ownership of said pup/dog to Buyer.

The best of Europe meets the best in the USA, all health tested and guaranteed.  This makes for the ultimate frenchie!

We do everything possible to breed healthy dogs and provide healthy puppies.  We thoroughly test adults before breeding to screen out the possibility of breeding pups with genetic defects.  Very few breeders do the health tests.  In general, if there is something hereditary which makes the pet unsuitable to be a family member, according to your vet and mine, then we will replace the pup.  What is not covered are the instances of minor illness which can occur at any time, cannot be prevented or screened against and is common in french bulldogs.  Common sense dictates we will not cover what the new owner could have prevented by giving reasonable care.  While we screen as much as we can, there will always be the risk of some health issue regardless of the breed.  Most breeders give anywhere from 10 days to 12 months.  Your pup comes with a TWO YEAR health guarantee,  a free 30 day health insurance policy through AKC and free first vet visit.  Guarantee details are below:

We meet at a small local mall that has this nice meet up area where I will be happy to spend as much time as necessary to answer all your questions.

Each page on this site is equally important, so please take time to read the brief communications on each page.  Then if you are sincerely interested in obtaining a pup, use the form below to tell us a little about yourself.  We always recommend puppy obedience classes because frenchies can be stubborn, but also it creates a great interaction between the pup and the new owner, and the pup with other puppies. Very important visitation info at the bottom of this page.  Please look it over. Thank you for visiting Gracefield!

URGENT INFORMATION: As of 2018 we will no longer be meeting people at our home for safety reasons.  Frenchies are the most stolen pups, according to AKC.  In July, a friend and fellow breeder had an entire litter of pugs stolen at gun point.  Other thefts have included entire litters of pups or pregnant females being stolen and even physical assaults on the owners.  Prominent breeders nationwide are now only showing their pups in public places, specifically with security cameras, such as banks or police departments.  Some police departments are setting up parking spaces specifically for such situations, whether it be for puppy sales, craigslist transactions or even child visitation transfer of children.  As a retired female living alone out in the country, I will take extra safety precautions to protect myself and these babies.  It has become a dangerous world and we refuse to put ourselves or our pups at risk.  We have put this into practice this year and buyers have been very understanding and it has worked out well.  We apologize if this causes any inconvenience, but it is for the safety of all involved.  Ask yourself if you would want your mother, grandmother, sister, loved one living alone to open the door to strangers in this world which gets crazier by the moment.  Thank you for your understanding.  PLEASE SEE THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.