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I am a third-generation handler of french bulldogs.  My grandparents and parents were actively involved in showing, training and raising frenchies under the name House of Pieds Kennel of London.  I was born into this and take great pride in my breeding selections.  I stand behind all my puppies 100%.   You can find cheaper ones, but in the end it may cost you more in vet bills and heartache.  If not properly and selectively bred, the french bulldog can develop numerous health problems, not obvious at birth.  Ours are home bred and raised from top quality parents, with outstanding health and temperament.  We bring it all together for you in one amazing package!  If you want a dog you can take pride in and enjoy for a lifetime, choose Gracefield!​   Even if you don't buy from us, we are happy to help you find the perfect pup.  We know quality breeders worldwide.   

​​​​When speaking with a breeder ask about EXTENSIVE health testing results.​  This will help to ensure you are dealing with someone who is actively working to protect the breed.  We want you to enjoy this wonderful breed for many years to come.

   This photo is of my mother's dogs in London in the late 1970's.  Her kennel is on many European pedigrees as The House of Pieds.

There is nothing in the world better than a GOOD frenchie, but a poorly bred one can be a nightmare.





GBR's Christopher Robin

All good things come together for you at Gracefield.  You want a dog with excellent health, stunning good looks and a loving personality.  We give you the total package. You are making an investment, adding a family member, and making a lengthy commitment.  We want it to be the best for YOU!  Your pup will be your loving best friend for many years to come, so invest in the best!  All of our dogs are tested for genetic diseases through EmbarkVet of Cornell University, testing over 200,000 genetic markers to help provide you with a healthy pet for life.  All of our dogs are from top show lines to give the correct structure of a frenchie, which is rarely seen in the pet market today.  All of our dogs are raised in our home, not in a kennel.  This makes a big difference in their personality.

                                                                             More than anything, we want you to be an informed buyer! 




No photos nor information may be reproduced or removed from this website.  All materials are copyrighted.  For those who said my dogs are showing up on other sites, the photos are stolen and those people using them are scammers.  It is very common in the dog world.  I will gladly supply videos of my dogs in my home for those interested in buying puppies.